New Addition to the Service Team

Meet Cristina, the new addition to the service support team.

We want to extend a warm SMS welcome to Cristina, and we caught up with her to get an insight into her background, experience and interests.

Firstly Cristina, tell everyone about how your new role at Stone Marine Services came about?

I was very fortunate and lucky to be presented with the opportunity from Gwynneth for the service support role. I actually applied for another position similar to this, and my skill set suited this role better.

Tell us a little bit about your previous experience?

I’ve lived and worked in Dubai in sales and business development roles in the last five years. I have lots of experience working in the transportation industry and particularly in service. Most recently, I was working for Flash Europe International and Samsung within their shipping and service departments.

And what is it about the marine industry that interests you?

I love to learn new things and continue to develop myself, and the marine industry seemed very interesting before joining. Having had some experience previously, I had some ideas of what to expect, and it’s not let me down thus far; it’s been a very busy start to my time at SMS. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You’ve not been in the door long, how have you found things so far (no pressure)?

It’s been great, I’ve had lots of support from all the team and especially Judith. I’m starting to understand the process and how things operate, so yes, it’s been an eventful first period in the role but enjoyable all the same.

As with us all, these strange times have made life a little different. What have you been doing to keep yourself active and motivated away from work?

We are all living in difficult times, and I suppose it’s all about adjusting to what feels like the new normal, so I’ve just been keeping myself busy spending time with the family. During all of this, I’ve managed to relocate from Dubai to Edinburgh, and I see this move as a fresh start and a challenge in new surroundings. I’m hoping the move provides a promising future for myself and my family.

Finally, and the all-important question. There are 3 things left on your bucket list to complete, what are they?

I have many things on my bucket list, so this isn’t easy picking just three. However, here we go: 

  • I would love to parachute, so this gets my top vote.
  • Next, it’s got to be my dream car. I would love a Range Rover Evoque, and it’s got to be white with a black roof (even if I need to get it when I’m an old granny).
  • Lastly, and most importantly, stay healthy and support my daughter.

Thanks for your time Cristina, and welcome again to the team.

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