SMS Monthly Roundup – October

vessel in dry dock

Our roundup this month demonstrates the variety of our service attendances from a comprehensive drydock overhaul in Falmouth to stern seal bonding afloat in the Aegean Sea.

Drydock Overhaul

This month our service team were in Falmouth to carry out essential annual service and repairs to this freight ferry. The vessel will be in drydock for approximately five weeks, and during this time, our team of engineers will overhaul the stern seals, bow thrusters, OD box, steering gear and replace the propeller blades.

Seal Bonding Afloat

The location for this attendance was in the Aegean Sea, where our experienced stern seals engineer was presented with the challenging task of bonding whilst the vessel is still afloat. In partnership with Versitec Marine and the vessel crew, we trimmed the tanker to ensure that the propeller and seal were safely above the water. This enabled our engineer to carry out the repair afloat whilst the ship is resided alongside.

African Propeller Repairs

Once again this month, our experienced propeller technicians in Africa produced some exceptional repair service on various propeller jobs. The job scope on this set of blades below required our technicians to repair and polish four CPP blades.

Browse through the images to see the finished product.

Damaged CPP Blades

Further to the job above, our guys also repaired these damaged CPP blades. The propellers were cleaned by rough polishing and followed by an NDT inspection to expose the extent of the damage. We repaired the propellers by welding and polishing before balancing the blades.

Browse through the images to see the finished product.

SMS Salvage Sinking Tanker

We went back in the archives to share a story which illustrates the importance of regular stern seal maintenance.

This was an emergency service attendance which required our engineer to salvage a sinking cargo vessel. It began with a dreaded phone call; it was apparent that the vessel owner was in real trouble. The ship was taking in large amounts of seawater due to a stern seal issue.

To understand the extent of the damage and how we rectified the issue, read the full story here: SMS Emergency Stern Seal Service.

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