SMS Planned Service Agreement (PSA)

Stone Marine Services ‘Planned Service Agreement’ (PSA) – designed to give you peace of mind and financial predictability.

Planning ahead – unexpected repair costs and downtime can cut deep into your profits. Minimise the risk by being proactive with your maintenance planning. A Planned Service Agreement (PSA) provides you with a reliable maintenance program, built around your vessel’s equipment, operational performance requirements, tailored to your budget.

How Does it Work? 

SMS PSA agreement - how does it work?

What are the Benefits of a PSA Agreement?
  • Mid to long-term cost predictability
  • Maximised uptime through proper maintenance and coordinated schedules
  • Single source service across different equipment types
  • Optimised spare parts handling, stored at our facilities to agreed fleet or unit stock levels
  • Reduced administration costs for purchasing
  • Certainty of operations
  • Immediate dispatch and return
  • Worldwide 24/7 support
  • Fully insured
Committed to Excellence

A Stone Marine Services PSA is a sound investment with operational and financial benefits for vessel owners, operators, defence and oil & gas clients who demand the highest level of service.

Realise the Benefits

Common to all service contracts is our close cooperation with the customer. Our PSA solution is designed around our client’s requirements with reduced rates, improved planning, priority attendance and parts provision delivering real and measurable benefit.

To view an example of how one our clients moved from fluctuating maintenance costs to a fixed discounted rate – take a look at our full PSA document here: Stone Marine Services PSA Brochure


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Stone Marine Services PSA Brochure