SMS Monthly Roundup – November

November Monthly Roundup 2020

This month our team were busy with seal bonding jobs across Europe and workshop repairs in the UK and Africa. We also shared a project from the archives where we partnered with SGS to undergo repairs on one of the worlds largest drilling rigs.

Workshop Strip-down and Rebuild

At our workshop in Scotland, we received a SCHOTTEL SRP 330 upper gearbox to be stripped and re-built. We firstly drained the residual oil and collected the measurements, backlash and gear tooth contact. The gearbox was stripped into component parts and thoroughly cleaned.

Images of the workshop re-build:

From the Workshop to the Vessel

After a quick turnaround in our workshop facility in Inverkeithing, we shipped the overhauled gearbox south to Cardiff where the vessel was located.

The gearbox was manoeuvred by the crane and lowered into the engine room. The unit was lined up, cleaned and fitted with a new O-ring. The vessel then left the dock for sea trials and we were onboard to check for any leakages and carry out temperature readings.

Images of reinstallation:

Thruster Overhaul

This month we shared a project from the archives where we partnered with SGS to undergo an overhaul on one of the worlds largest rigs.

The project was undertaken in 2019 during a typically harsh Scottish winter. The SMS and SGS team carried out essential repairs to strip, examine and overhaul a thruster unit which had failed. Situated in Loch Kishorn, the rig which has a draft of over 23 metres and weighing over 60,000 tonnes required a deep water location to undergo the repairs.

A project of this stature required the combined experience of qualified divers and an engineering company with an enviable reputation in thruster repair.

Read more about the project here: SMS Thruster Exchange Project

CPP Propeller Repair

Our African propeller technicians are skilled in the repair and servicing of all propeller types and on this occasion we were tasked with the repair of eight CPP blades.

Upon arrival, all eight of the propeller blades were not up to specification and required refurbishment. Therefore, the propellers were roughly polished and followed by an NDT inspection on the blade tips to reveal cracks and unsound material.

The damaged areas were prepared by removing all contaminants, including those resulting from non-destructive examinations by rough grinding. Once the welding was completed, the blades were polished and finished by completing the static balancing.

Browse through the images to see the finished product.

Back to Back Stern Seal Attendances

The first stop this month for our seals’ engineers was in Yalova, Turkey where we bonded the FWD and AFT stern tube seals.

From Turkey to Romania, our team of multi-skilled engineers attended another drydock to overhaul the AFT stern tube seals.

Both attendances were carried out with minimum fuss and completed in a timely manner resulting in another happy customer. Our partnership with Versitec Marine allows us to support vessel owners and ship management companies worldwide with the rapid supply and service of stern seals.

Job Vacancies at our HQ in Inverkeithing

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